ZX Continuously Improves The Quality And Reliability Of Air Valves

ZX Continuously Improve the Quality and Reliability of their Gas Valves by Innovation,High Tech, and Persistence

In the gas industry, valves are among the most adapted components.

Actually every cylinder or tank is equipped with certain type of valve. No matter refilling facilities or the gas cylinder suppliers, they often take part in the trading or manufacturing of valves.

Supplied in such large volume, valves are surprisingly the part of cylinder that is most likely to go fault.

ZX is considered as a qualified gas cylinder supplier,and we processes many valve purchasing orders and are able to manufacture 2 million gas valves .We have a lot of cooperative partners in in this field,and they are very satisfied with our valve supply in overall aspects.

Over time, ZX began to realize that they could really help customers to better select the different sizes, types, and designs of valves properly for the different application.

Though valves have been steadily used and developed for decades,there are still some important notes about them.

The O-ring style valves have almost replaced the traditional packed style ones for their easy-to-use specialties. Our customers often use tied diaphragm style valves which is of high-end standard for the kind of usage like specialty gas labs.

Ergonomic principles are adapted in the design of valves in recent years to help the relevant workers do their job easier and better,and most importantly, safer.

ZX takes CNC machining system into the manufacturing process thoroughly,in order to improve the precision in the processing of the outlet and inlet valve thread. Choosing the suitable inlet thread is also important to prevent the gas cylinder from leaks.We use automatic taping machines to process the thread part to minimize the potential risk of leaks.

We took our innovation ideas to the development and evolution of valves with special features such as valve integrated pressure regulators(VIPR) and residual pressure valves(RPV).

By Frank Li / March 10, 2022

Post time: Mar-10-2022

Main applications

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