DOT Disposable Aluminum Cylinder

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ZX offers a complete line of convenient, non-returnable cylinders. These cylinders are disposable and designed to be used only once.

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DOT Disposable Aluminum Cylinder

Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy 3003

Standard: DOT-39; ISO9001

Suitable Gas: CO2, O2, AR, N2, HE, Mixed Gas

Cylinder Threads: 1-14UNS Outlet

Finish: Polished or color coated

Approval Body: DOT.

Cleaning: Commercial cleaning for normal gas and specific cleaning for specialty gas.

Aluminum Advantage: Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior, Light weight, Easy Recycling.

Graphics: logos or labels in screen print, shrink sleeves, stickers are available.

Accessories: Valves can be installed upon request.

Product Advantages

Disposable gas cylinders are non-refillable cylinders which contain a single gas or a gas mixture used for function testing or can be used for calibration of portable gas detectors or fixed gas detection systems. These cylinders are called disposable cylinders because they cannot be refilled and when empty they should be thrown away. All disposable gas cylinders are filled from a large refillable type high-pressure cylinder which is called the mother cylinder.

Due to the nature of corrosive gas reacting with steel cylinders, the ZX disposable aluminum cylinder can store gases which is a convenient, light and portable way, Providing a easier solution for customers.

Browse ZX Specialty Gases & Equipment’s selection of disposable gas cylinders for sale. Choose from a variety of disposable cylinders. We also offer customized options to meet your specific requirements. 

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Custom size is available with the DOT/TPED certified range.

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