Disposable Cylinder

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Disposable Cylinder

  • TPED Disposable Steel Cylinder

    TPED Disposable Steel Cylinder

    Browse ZX Specialty Gases & Equipment’s selection of disposable gas cylinders for sale. Choose from a variety of disposable cylinders. We also offer customized options to meet your specific requirements.

  • TPED Disposable Aluminum Cylinder

    TPED Disposable Aluminum Cylinder

    Due to the nature of corrosive gas reacting with steel cylinders, the ZX disposable aluminum cylinder can store gases which is a convenient, light and portable way, Providing a easier solution for customers.

  • DOT Disposable Steel Cylinder

    DOT Disposable Steel Cylinder

    When there is need for small amounts of gas, along with a guarantee of the purity or the precise certification of a mixture, ZX disposable cylinders are the right solution.

  • DOT Disposable Aluminum Cylinder

    DOT Disposable Aluminum Cylinder

    ZX offers a complete line of convenient, non-returnable cylinders. These cylinders are disposable and designed to be used only once.

Main applications

The main applications of ZX cylinders and valves are given below